• Constant Flow Gear Pump

  • Exteral Gear Pump

  • Duplex Pump

  • Vermicular cast iron Exteral Gear Pump

  • Oil Pump Gears

  • HLCB系列恒流溢流泵

    HLCB series constant flow overflow pump is composed of a gear oil pump and a constant flow overflow valve. It is mainly used in the hydraulic power steering system of agricultural machinery and variou

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  • CBN-F300齿轮泵系列

    CBN series gear pumps are mainly used in hydraulic lifting or forced lubrication systems of agricultural machinery and various industrial vehicles.

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  • CBN系列多联齿轮泵

    CBN-F300/F300 series double gear pumps are mainly used in large wheeled tractors or hydraulic systems which require both hydraulic supply and forced lubrication.

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  • 蠕墨泵系列

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  • 油泵齿轮系列

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Jinfujia Machinery

Focus on R&D and production of gear pump, constant current pump, double pump, vermicular iron pump

Products are widely used in agricultural machinery and construction machinery mainframe

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Jinfujia MachineryThe Elite In Hydraulic Pressure Comes Crom JinFujia's Innovation

Taizhou Jinfujia machinery co., LTD is located in the coastal city - wen ling, the company is located blue sea, mountain stone set each other off becomes an interest, the landscape characterized by fusion of the famous of qiao and artificial excellent characteristics, shitang fishing port is also called "the Great Wall on the sea", and half lying in the mosquito island island, between the lateral shreds, pearl mist spraying, the inside of the race, sails are calm, a poem wrote: "bo waves externally with a bay spring scenery, bathing the morning light, the insight to spot the fishing".

Company was founded in 1996, the site of factory is located in zhejiang province taizhou wenling city on industrial ...


  • Vermicular Cast Iron Duplex Gear Pump

  • Duplex Gear PumpCBG-F430/410

  • Exteral Gera Pump CBG-F316

  • Exteral Gear Pump CBG-F432

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